World Continence Week 2019

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Continence – a matter for everyone

Did you know that over 400 million people globally have some sort of continence related issue that affects their lives? Or that one in three women over 35 and one in four men over 40 will have incontinence? In fact, we’ll all eventually come in contact with these matters, as we sooner or later will either know or take care of someone living with it. 
World Continence Week is an initiative, created to raise awareness for continence across the globe, to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life. It also seeks to inspire research, discussion and multidisciplinary approaches to treatment. At TENA, we wish to support this initiative and share some of the many stories we’ve encountered during our years as a worldwide leader of incontinence products. 
The eleventh World Continence Week is happening between the 17th and 23rd of June this year. It’s a global event initiated by the International Continence Society that started as a single day in 2008, and became a whole week in 2009. Since 2016 the World Federation of Incontinence Patients has managed World Continence Week and produces information and materials to support the event. You can read more about WCW and this year’s themes at

First rule of World Continence Week, talk about it

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World Federation of Incontinence Patients (WFIP) is a federation of national (patient) organisations, which aims to create global visibility for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction awareness, advocacy and action.
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Since 1971 the International Continence Society (ICS) is a thriving society of Urologists, Uro-gynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Basic Scientists and Researchers with a focus on continence and pelvic floor disorders.
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Global Forum on Incontinence (GFI) is a leading global forum for education and debate on incontinence and continence care, initiated and supported by Essity.

We’re here for you no matter what

At TENA we are dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life for anyone dealing with incontinence. We believe we have a responsibility to spark conversation and create new solutions to improve health and hygiene standards around the world. Please contact us for anything, big or small.